Common Shaders

Vanilla Minecraft shaders for various effects, merged into one pack.

by Visi • Library
Multiplayer Timestop

Pause time on servers when players are offline.

by Visi • No Resource Pack

Go insane and fight stronger, spookier monsters. Shall you be brave enough, you may be rewarded graciously in the dark arts...

by Visi • Magic

Challenge your skills with horrific blood moons and a plethora of new, unique monsters. Shed their blood and advance further than ever before.

by Visi • Extensive

A library for ticking and custom entity handling.

by Visi

Jolted is a redstone expansion full of various gizmos and gadgets.

by Visi • Tech
Monster Roster

A mod that aims to improve monsters and add unique new foes.

by Visi • Exploration

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