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A library for ticking and custom entity handling.

by Visi

Go insane and fight stronger, spookier monsters. Shall you be brave enough, you may be rewarded graciously in the dark arts...

by Visi • Magic
The Creeper's Code

The Creeper’s Code is a Minecraft datapack, with the goal of creating features that mesh seamlessly with existing ‘vanilla’ Minecraft content.

by CreeperMagnet_ • Extensive

Challenge your skills with horrific blood moons and a plethora of new, unique monsters. Shed their blood and advance further than ever before.

by Visi • Extensive
Bug Net

Craft Bug Nets to capture, release, or stack mobs in this highly configurable quality of life improving datapack!

by Ragno • Lightweight

Discover small creatures that help you collect ores!

by TheNuclearNexus • Exploration
Monster Roster

A mod that aims to improve monsters and add unique new foes.

by Visi • Exploration

Jolted is a redstone expansion full of various gizmos and gadgets.

by Visi • Tech

This Data Pack adds Furniture, Security, Food & Misc blocks and items into minecraft.

by BubbleFish • Extensive

Multitools include the functionality of pickaxes, axes and shovels. They are crafted with a pickaxe, axe and shovel of the same material in a shapeless recipe. 24W12A+ SNAPSHOTS ONLY

by Asdru22 • QoL
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