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Chunk Scan

Simple Chunk Scanning Library for Minecraft Data Packs

This Data Pack provides a generic function tag which runs at every chunk that is generated, aligned at the bottom of the world and at the mininium xz coords. Supports custom dimensions and any world height between -2048-2048.

Chunk Scan depends on LanternLoad.

#chunk_scan:v2/generateCalled for every chunk generated
chunk_scan.chunkPermenent markers indicating a metachunk has been generated.
chunk_scan.genTemporary markers indicating a regular chunk is ready to be generated.
chunk_scan.initTemporary tag used to align markers.
chunk_scan.disabledPlayers with this tag will not generate custom terrain around them

How to use

The preferred way to use this library is to bundle it within your data pack

  1. Install LanternLoad in your datapack
  2. Copy the data/chunk_scan folder into your data pack
  3. Merge the contents of ChunkScan/data/load/tags/functions/load.json and your own data/load/tags/functions/load.json
  4. Create your own generate function and add it to data/chunk_scan/tags/v2/generate.json. This will run in every chunk. Be sure to check conditions like the dimension you are in.

For easier mangament of dependencies, check out my project Datapack Build Manager.


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