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Ariah's Simple Teleporters

Ariah's Simple Teleporters follows both the Minecraft Datapacks Official Conventions and Style and the Smithed Conventions.


Ariah's Simple Teleporters aims to bring simple two-way teleporters unobtrusively into Minecraft while keeping a vanilla feel. Each teleporter pad is made up of a netherite block, so outfitting your world with them is a late game endeavor.

Creating a Teleporter

To get started, simply place a netherite block somewhere in your world. This will serve as your teleport pad, so make sure you can stand on it.

Next, drop an ender pearl onto that block. It'll start smoking and you'll be given a teleporter linker. Take this, and drop it onto another netherite block somewhere else in your world (this DOES work across dimensions). Once you've done that, the teleporters will link and you'll begin to see nether portal particles coming from both teleporters.

Teleporters do ensure that the chunk they are in is always loaded in order to allow them to work across any number of blocks and between dimensions.

Using a Teleporter

In order to use the teleporter, simply stand on top of one of the linked netherite blocks and throw an ender pearl in any direction. This will instantly teleport you to the other end, without even taking damage!

You can also use a teleporter by standing near one of the netherite blocks and throwing your ender pearl at the block. Remember that after teleporting you will end up on top of your destination teleporter, so you should still make sure there is space above your teleporters.

Removing a Teleporter

Removing a teleporter is extremely simple. Just mine one of the linked netherite blocks and both teleporters will deactivate. You can then use those netherite blocks for another purpose, or you can make new teleporters with them!


If you have been using this datapack in your world but want to uninstall it for any reason, first run the command /function ariahtp:uninstall in order to remove the teleporter entities and also make sure the chunks they were in don't continue to be forceloaded.


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