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NBT Smelting

A Minecraft Datapack adding the ability to add smelting recipes with NBT data for input and output items. Currently handles:

  • NBT data for both input & output items
  • Handles furnaces, blast furnaces, smokers, campfires, and soul campfires
  • Designed to cause minimial lag, even with 1000s of furnaces (runs 2 commands per furnace per 20 ticks when inactive)

Requires LanternLoad to run.


These are scoreboard objectives used to represent a value of some kind.
  Used for math and passing variables between functions.

NBT Data

NBT Data to add to items to enable certain functionality

  Indicates this item has a custom recipe, triggering the custom smelt functions when the item is in a furnace.
  Note: to place an item on a campfire, a valid vanilla recipe must exist. It is recommended to add a recipe that smelts
    the item into itself if a real item, ie. minecraft:diamond -> minecraft:diamond, or into air if a technical item,
    ie. minecraft:command_block -> minecraft:air

Function Tags

Function tags are called by NBT Smelting to let you know you should do something.

function #nbt_smelting:v1/furnace
function #nbt_smelting:v1/blast_furnace
function #nbt_smelting:v1/smoker
function #nbt_smelting:v1/campfire
  Triggered when a respective block has compelted a recipe
    storage nbt_smelting:io item -> input item
    For the furnace, set the item in slot 2 (output slot) to the desired output.
    ie. execute if data storage nbt_smelting:io item{id:"minecraft:diamond"} run item replace block ~ ~ ~ with minecraft:dirt
    Note /loot has problems replacing items in a furnace. As a workaround, you can place the item in an
    inventory somewhere and copy it into the furnace with /item.
    For campfires, spawn the item in the world (as if it had just popped off from a normal recipe finishing).

How to use

  1. Install LanternLoad in your datapack, following its install directions
  2. Copy the NBTSmelting/data/nbt_smelting folder into your data pack
  3. Merge the file contents of NBTSmelting/data/load/tags/functions/* into the files at <your_datapack>/data/load/tags/functions/*
  4. Implement the API as described above.

For easier mangament of dependencies, check out my project Datapack Build Manager.


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