Add over 60 machines to automate your world!

by ICY105 • Extensive

A datapack adding some new weapons to spice up combat in Minecraft.

by ICY105 • Lightweight
Fluid Crafting

Datapack library adding custom fluid mechanics.

by ICY105 • Library
Loottable Autosmelt

A datapack library adding the ability to auto-smelt mined blocks using loot tables.

by ICY105 • Library
Chunk Scan

A datapack library implementing chunk scanning for postgen.

by ICY105 • Library
Player Action

A Minecraft datapack library that has hooks for certian player actions.

by ICY105 • Library
NBT Smelting

A datapack libary that add NBT support for smelting recipes.

by ICY105 • Library
Fart Craft

Power up your Minecraft world with farts and... other excriments.

by ICY105 • Tech

A datapack library extension of chunk scan adding custom ore generation.

by ICY105 • Library
Datapack Energy

A datapack library for handling energy systems.

by ICY105 • Library
Block Utils

A Minecraft Datapack adding a small collection of utilities for interecting with redstone.

by ICY105 • Library

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