Call of Chaos

An eldritch deity watches from a far, what could they want?

by TheNuclearNexus • Magic

Decorinator is a slick tool for managing performant decorations in your world!

by TheNuclearNexus • Library

Discover small creatures that help you collect ores!

by TheNuclearNexus • Exploration
SkyBlock Sand Island

A floating sand island for SkyBlock that simplifies progression

by BluPsychoRanger • Vanilla+
Smithed: Halloween!

Official Halloween Event pack for the Smithed SMP. Battle the creatures of the night to collect candy, decorations and spooky costumes! Multiplayer friendly with configurable spawn timing.

by Monkeyhue

Makes all mobs in dark areas Shadowforms, and all sorts of features around that mechanic.

by DragonPoika • Magic
Bug Net

Craft Bug Nets to capture, release, or stack mobs in this highly configurable quality of life improving datapack!

by Ragno • Lightweight
Common Shaders

Vanilla Minecraft shaders for various effects, merged into one pack.

by Visi • Library
The Creeper's Code

The Creeper’s Code is a Minecraft datapack, with the goal of creating features that mesh seamlessly with existing ‘vanilla’ Minecraft content.

by CreeperMagnet_ • Extensive

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