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Decorinator is a library and does not add much on it's own. Other packs can add decorations through the API and let users place them around their world.

Crafting recipe

This pack relies on the Smithed Crafter library for it's recipes. The below are crafted in the Heavy Workbench not the the regular crafting table.

Crafting recipe


Placing Blueprints

You can place blueprints by placing them in your offhand and then right clicking with the decorinator. This will put the blueprint down and lock it to your cursor.

Opening the menu

Right clicking the decorinator in the air will open up the radial menu.

The cog will swap the amount of snapping, shifting will moving or rotating will disable snapping entirely.
The arrows will put the decorinator in move mode, allowing you to move the decoration around.
The circular arrows will put the decorinator in rotate mode, this will cause the piece to rotate towards you.
The X will put the decorinator in delete mode, right clicking on decorations will place them back into your inventory.


Dropping the decorinator while holding a decoration will swap between move and rotate. Shift-dropping the decorinator will delete the decoration.

Duplicating blueprints

All blue-blueprints can be duplicated in the Heavy Workbench using the following recipe:


Where L is Lapis Lazuli, B is the blueprint, and P is paper.


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