Ziprails | Gamemode 4

Sail through the sky on a suspended line!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Chairs | Gamemode 4

Throw a saddle on any stair to turn it into a chair!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Rope Ladders | Gamemode 4

Climbing downward has never been easier!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Note Block Interface | Gamemode 4

Adds a neat interface to improve your musical skills!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Better Armour Stands | Gamemode 4

Ever felt like Armour Stands looked a bit boring? Better Armour Stands lets your Armour Stands strike all the poses you want! Simply use a Book and Quill to edit Armour Stands.

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Double Doors | Gamemode 4

Tired of clicking twice to open a double door? Annoyed by the fact that doors are only two blacks tall? This data pack automatically opens adjacent doors, making double doors fully functional!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Desire Lines | Gamemode 4

Creates natural looking trodden paths in high traffic areas, but be careful not to ruin your neighbour's lawn!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Apple Trees | Gamemode 4

Introduces fruit-bearing apple trees! Trade for apple saplings with wandering traders or find them growing in forests!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Shapeless Portals | Gamemode 4

Rectangles are boring, so use this Datapack and make your Nether Portals any shape your heart desires!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Crossbow Cartridges | Gamemode 4

Shoot more than just arrows! Crossbow Cartridges allows your crossbow to fire a variety of projectiles; Shoot Pufferfish, Tripwires, Torches, and many more.

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Mountaineering | Gamemode 4

A mezze of mountaineering means! Glide down slopes and scale cliffs.

by Gamemode 4 • Exploration
Lib Custom Crafters | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for a resource-pack-less dropper-based crafting table

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Lib Brewing | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for brewing lingering and splash varieties of custom potions in the vanilla brewing stand

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Lib Machines | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for placing and breaking custom blocks, such as crafters

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Bat Grenades | Gamemode 4

Tired of the uselessness of bats? This module will turn them into tiny furry flying balls of boom!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Lib Potion Tracking | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for tracking where thrown splash potions land

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Combat Expanded

Use special armor and weapon modifiers to defend against mobs that grow ever stronger.

by Gamemode 4 • Exploration
Auto Crafting | Gamemode 4

Create an auto crafter to fully automate crafting!

by Gamemode 4 • No Resource Pack
Dripleaf Launchers

Give Dripleafs a new exciting use that will launch you up into the sky! Perfect for Elytra use!

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Calling Bell | Gamemode 4

Summon a Wandering Trader by using an Emerald on a Bell.

by Gamemode 4 • Lightweight
Lib Player Heads | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for restoring item NBT of player heads after being placed and mined

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Lib Lore | Gamemode 4 Library

A library with functions for easy search, remove, insert, and replace operations on lines of lore.

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Lib Forceload | Gamemode 4 Library

A library adding common forceloaded-chunk utilities to each dimension

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Lib Trades | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for easily adding new trades to wandering traders and villagers

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Lib Trees | Gamemode 4 Library

A library for creating custom trees, handling sapling placement, growth and drops from leaves

by Gamemode 4 • Library
Bookshelf Inspector


by Gamemode 4
Holographic Tags | Gamemode 4

Set up floating messages with a simple name tag!

by Gamemode 4 • QoL

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